A Love-Hate Relationship with Frontier Airlines

(Less Love, More Hate)

Gotta love the low fares and the cute little animal painted on the tail. But there's nothing else to love. In an effort to counterbalance the low fare business model, they nickel and dime you for everything, and I mean everything - there's a charge for "Water, no ice." An ancillary "benefit" of this no frills model is terrible customer service. They've built a team of luggage police without smiles. If you don't have the words "carry on" printed on your boarding pass (i.e. you failed to checkin online), your carry on luggage will cost you about $25, in addition to the fee you already paid to check your luggage. Before you are allowed to board the plane you need to stuff your carry on in their box in the pre-boarding area. If it doesn't fit, they charge you even more for "oversized" carry on.

Once you've boarded, they tease you with your very own portable TV already tuned into your favorite channels, that you can't watch unless you swipe your credit card. (Try explaining that to your six-year-old). So you reach for their magazine and there isn't one. I was seriously surprised when they let me use the toilet without a charge.

If all that doesn't convince you to choose another airline, their frequent flyer plan will. Your top award levels are "Summit" and "Ascent" and that might get you a middle seat in the first few rows with 5 extra inches and free water. That's not saying much when you see the coach seats without an inch to spare. And, there's no first class. I've declared myself a "Sea Level" flyer on my short stint with Frontier, and would rather be grounded than fly with them again.

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