The Great Italy Adventure of 2019 - Tuscany

If I could visit Italy once a year it would be here.

Every July there is a Jazz and Wine festival but you never know the dates until 30 days before. So, you have to book a trip and remain flexible with your itinerary until you know the dates, and then race to book everything around it.

I have been here so many times it's a little ridiculous. I have fallen in love with Roberto and Lucilla, our hosts. They are like family. They have a beautiful 6-room villa in the heart of the historical center of the city. When we left, Robert said, "I almost feel guilty charging you to stay here." As a gift, his wife packed us 1.5 liters of freshly made olive oil and a jar of her homemade marmalade to take home. She said the Italians always say, "New olive oil, old wine."

The other perfect person of Tuscany is Luciano. He owns a restaurant and his wife (or whomever runs the kitchen) makes the most beautiful handmade pasta. It's called "pinci" and you pinch a little pasta dough and and hand roll it to make thick, delicious noodles.

Then there is the wine. Let's just say we "tasted" a lot of it, and sent home two cases of the best wine in the world, at least to us (and all of the world top wine reviewers).

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